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Our history begins with Albert & Alice Eastmond,
who immigrated to Saskatchewan, from England in 1908.

Our history begins with Albert & Alice Eastmond, who immigrated to Saskatchewan, from England in 1908.

Albert was set to homestead in the Belle Plaine area however as luck would have it he only had enough money to purchase three horses.  The heavy soils of Belle Plaine required 4 horses to do the farm work… so with that he headed west to the sandy grasslands of Mortlach. This area was cattle country and over the generations the ranch developed into what is known as Kattle Kountry today. The ranch has overcome many of challenges over the past 113 years whether it be droughts, misfortune or the occasional bad decision. However one thing remained steady … the passion, drive and determination of all generations to continue to raise cattle and be stewards of the land.

The ranch passed from Albert and Alice to their son Victor & Evelyn and down to Les & Donna. Today the Kattle Kountry family included Les & Donna and their son Lee, Ashley & girls. Kattle Kountry embraces the true meaning of family, with each of us playing an important role in the way in which we raise our beef cattle. Even our 2 young girls are a part of the day to day activities on the farm as we encourage them to develop a love for cattle and the farm life.

We take great pride in producing wholesome, healthy beef products for families and friends to share around the dinner table. We are committed to raising the highest quality, sustainable beef, delivering it direct from our family farm to your door.


Delicious meals start with the finest cuts of beef you'll only find from Kattle Kountry. Kattle Kountry Beef takes great pride in producing healthy, delicious and nutritious Red Angus Beef, direct from our farm to your door.

Beef can vary in flavour, tenderness and marbling based on a number of different factors and influence such as genetics, age, what the animal eats and how they are raised.

Over the years, Kattle Kountry has selected genetics to produce only the finest beef – this combined with our 4 generations of expertise raising cattle has resulted in premium beef that has exceptional quality and consistency when it hits your table.

Try the Kattle Kountry difference for the most incredibly marbled, traditionally dry aged beef… raised right here locally in Saskatchewan.

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